Wedding Insurance

In many cultures, union between two people, known here in America as marriage, often comes with a lot of risk and room for error. Despite just general things going off the rails, weddings are home to accidents, damage, vendors who do not show, natural disasters or extreme weather, and injury, among many other things. When fine details and lots of money, time and investment are involved, having wedding insurance puts many people’s minds and hearts at ease. Wedding insurance policies have their own liability insurance, cancellation or change of plan coverage, with the option of additional coverage for specific situations pertaining to military, honeymoon changes, gifts, counseling for emotional distress, and liquor host liability insurance. There are exceptions to what wedding insurance will cover, such as backing out of the wedding for no reason, lesser weather, theft or loss of engagement ring, and switching to different vendors.

It is best to purchase wedding insurance when the plans have been made and you begin to pay people to their services for the wedding. Keep track of your vendors and contracts, and if anything goes wrong then one can file a claim through their wedding insurance. Make sure to plan in advance because some plans, such as a policy that covers extreme weather, must be purchased 14 days in advance of the wedding in order to take effect. To avoid any last minute hiccups, it is best to purchase your policies in advance and plan to spend under $100 to over $1,000 depending on the need for coverage of the fine details of your special ceremony. Before you make the investment in wedding insurance, if you have a homeowners or renters insurance policy check to make sure they don’t cover liability for the event and the extent of their coverage.